Country code: Area name: Airfield Type: Click to view on the map: Country: GliderPilot Software by JP-Research Visit my home page: Version: Database: 20.1.2020, Program: 20.1.2020 Airfields and Airports: Links to country wide info: Links to current airfield additional info: SELECTED AIRFIELDS OF THE WORLD This service containes airfields around the world. Its intent is not to contain ALL airfields, but interesting airfields from selected countries. Select first country and then an airfield from the list and press Google Mpas in order to see the airfield on the map or satellite picture. In addition the service gives, if possible, further links to additional data of the selected airfields. Runway info: m Communications: TWR: ATIS: APP:
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Airfield's Name: Description: Airfield codes: Timestamp: ICAO: IATA: Location (WGS-84): WMO: Airfield's Ref Point: