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GliderPilot -- a program for glider pilots

Here are a few things you can do with GliderPilot program:

GliderPilot dialogs

This is the main dialog of GliderPilot. You can see that the program is currently connected to database with DataSourceName "GliderPilotXE".

Main dialog

By pressing the buttons you can start the corresponding dialogs.

For example the Flights dialog showing one of my flights looks like this:

Flights dialog

Flight statistics dialog shows my all flights with OH-715. I have registered in the database all my flights ever flown.

This makes it possible to calculate statistics concerning my complete flight history starting at 1980. More than 1500 flights, more than 2500 hours, and more than 100 000 km cross-country. This I can see with one click on Calculate -button.

Flight statistics

Turnpoint dialog showing 'Räyskälä' in Finland. You can also create new and update existing turnpoints.


You can also import and export turnpoints in files. Turnpoints imported into GliderPilot's database must be in WinPilot or so called .dat format.

Turnpoints are exported in files and formats that can be directly loaded into WinPilot or Volkslogger devices.

From turnpoints you make tasks.


You can also add and display IGC-files from this task, i.e. IGC-files generated by  different flights.

GliderPilot database

GliderPilot is designed to work with data stored in relational database system.  In addition GliderPilot uses open database connection (ODBC) standard. This means flexibility for you, because you can choose the database system and manufacturer to work with, and you can choose where your database is located.

Two database systems are currently available for GliderPilot, namely Oracle and Microsoft Access. GliderPilot is normally distributed with Access database. A database export (dump) for Oracle databases is available for advanced users, or where the properties of Access are not adequate. No database licenses, if necessary, are are coming with GliderPilot, so you must acquire them separately.

The downloadable database contains ready made useful set of data. For example there are turnpoints in addition to Finland, for countries like Lithuania, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia. Also there's a good set of preset tasks useful for flying from Räyskälä, Finland or Tocumwal, Australia. It is easy task to expand the contents of the database using GliderPilots turnpoint import tool.

Registering and downloading GliderPilot

GliderPilot is free for private pilots, but not so for clubs or teams whom I encourage to contact me for further discussions.

GliderPilot software is not currently available for downloading, because I'm preparing new methods for its registration and downloading.

In any other matters, find my contact info by clicking here.

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